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Products crafted for you to match with your own style.

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Products crafted for you to match with your own style.

Ícone Leathers, the best in leather acessories for you and your company.

Dettaglio Artefatos de Couro ltds, “Ícone”, was created in Bento Gonçalves, RS, Brazil, in 1999, as a result of its founders will to craft accessories for men and women that would allow them to express their personalities through clothing. The company’s goal to excel in quality, concept, and fashion is rooted in the core principle of client’s satisfaction. Dettaglio currently has a product line that stays current with the latest fashion trends. Explore, here on our website, our products and contact us.

The Leather

The leather is obtained by the tanning of animal skin. The tanning occurs through a physicochemical process that turns a perishable raw material into a noble and stable one, which has countless possibilities of uses.

Leather Characteristics

The leather possesses specific characteristics that cannot be matched by synthetic materials: it is porous, allowing the skin to “breathe”, being permeable and providing comfort when it is used. It is also elastic and flexible, resistant to both traction and abrasion.

The Leather in use

The tanned leather is used as the basic material in the production of an array of accessories such as shoes, belts, wallets, bags, coats, hats, furniture, automotive seats, etc.


The city of Bento Gonçalves is an influential industrial and touristic pole located on the Northestern region of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil’s southernmost state. Our people’s drive and devotion to work is what made possible the consolidation of both a well-develop industrial complex and, as a city well-rooted on its culture and origins, an array of touristic activities centered around the handling of the grapes and the production of the wine for which the city is famous for, holding the title of "Brazil’s Wine Capital".

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Dettaglio Artefatos de Couro LTDA
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